[Tulisan 2] Wearing Batik in Borobudur

There are so many amazing historical buildings in the world, we have to be proud by having Borobudur temple. Borobudur is the biggest Buddist temple in the world which placed in Magelang, Central Java. It belongs to the list of World Heritage Site and become a pride of Magelang citizens because it has incredible charming to foreign. Not only how big ang beautiful the temple are, but also the citizens who are still holding traditional ceremonies like Waisak which is still contain of their religion. Every year, there are so many foreign and domestic tourist come to visit here. More than 5.000 people come everyday, and even 20.000 people come when holiday period.


There is something interesting from this temple which was built by Sir Thomas Stamford Rafless in 1814. In the early 2010, Central Java goverment made a new rule for everyone who wanted to go to the upstair part of Borobudur. They have to wear Kain Batik. This rule got positive respond from visitors. Eventually, until now visitors are obligated to wear Kain Batik to go to upstair part of the temple. The Borobudur’s organizer has supplied about 10.000 Kain Batik for visitors to wear.

One of my friend, Andri who is curently visited Borobudur temple said, “One of my reason why I want to visit this temple is because I want to take a picture by wearing Kain Baik which is tied up around waist..” Stafanus also commented, “At first I was kind of lazy to wear Kain Baik, It’s so confusing. But after wearing that, I think it’s cool.” he said honestly.


The Borobudur’s organizer has reason for making this rule. Firstly, to attract visitor who come to the temple especially for the foreign tourist so that they know further about Batik. Second, to respect Borobudur temple as heritage site. So, when there is a visitor who wear short skirt or short pants (irreverent clothing), by wearing Kain Batik, it will cover part of bodies that are too revealed. Lastly, of course to show that Batik is one of Indonesian authentic artistic.

However, Borobudur’s organizer have to supply more Kain Batik when National holidays approach which usually more visitors will visit. In Lebaran 2002 ago, Borobudur temple was visited about 25.179 people per day. It made many people have to go to upstair without wearing Kain Batik. The reason is because there is no Kain Batik left and many visitors haven’t came back from upstair yet.


written by  eka putri
quoted from wikipedia, storyofwine, stefanusatyanto, jogja tribunnews + foto sindonews


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