[TUGAS 4] #1 Birthday Surprise

My high school mate’s friends and I have a habit by surprising friends when they have a birthday. We had been doing this since three years ago. Actually, it is one way to us so that we can meet and get together since we were rarely meeting after graduated from high school.

I had ever experienced once when they had a birthday surprise for me. At that time, I was on my childhood friend’s home whom was sick. Suddenly, my brother who was all alone at home because my parents were going out called me. He said that there was a bad smell came from the gas cylinder in the kitchen and he was in panicked. Receiving the panicked call, I rushly went home to know what happened. However, the truth was, I found my friends had gathered with two slices of bread which had union and garlic in it. I was forced to eat them since they know so well that I don’t like them though I don’t like the fried one not the raw one.

I ate them eventhough it’s not delicious at all. The taste was so disgusting which made me want to throwed up. We end up with taking photos after that and spending some more hours by waiting the rain to stop while enjoying sweet mangos.

Actually, that was not scaried at all. I mean, my birthday surprise because my other friends had a worse one than me. One of my friend was forced to drink a mixing ice tea, ketchup and vinegar but he couldn’t drink it. We are so mad back then. The other one had ever tied in the electric pole of the roadside where there were so many vehicles and people passing by while he was being splashed by a mixing water, eggs and wheat. Even there were two foreigners who asking for photos LOL that was so epic. The others had ever been forced to eat spicy martabak with chili pepper in it, spicy spaghetti etc.

Since we have been so busy these days, this habit has been rarely done. However we never forget to give a birthday greeting for each other when one of us has a bithday.

Eka Putri Novianti

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