[TASK] Tourism Today

A task to answer some questions from the article titled “Tourism Today (Facts and Challenges)


1. What are the four positive and four negative effects of tourism mentioned in the article?

2. How many jobs in tourism can you think of?

3. Can you think of some recent inernational or national events that have affected the tourism industry?

4. Do you think (find a certain place) as an object of tourism is a positive or a negative influence in our country?

5. Which country would you like to visit? Why?


1. Four positive and negative effects of tourism:

  • Positive :
    – create many good jobs and carreers
    – help to protect environtment and animal life
    – save cultures and local way life
    – change countries and the citizens for the better
  • Negative :
    – produce many poor and badly paid job
    – damage environtment and animal life
    – destroy cultures and local way life
    – change countries and citizens getting worse

2. There are too much jobs in tourism. For example: tour guides, flight attendants, resort staffs, airport cleaners, bar staffs, etc.

3. Some recent events effected the tourism industry:

  • Bomb Boston that happened while ago has little effect on tourism to US. Some Taiwanese tour groups that had booked trips to Boston have changed their bookings and will travel instead to other cities in the US.
  • Near 2014 Asian Games in South Korea, so many people visit this country to know how far the preparation is. The official committee declare that they are building facilities and infrastructure will be using in 2014 Asian Games.

4. I will go with Bali. I think, it depends on people think. It means, people around the world already know how Bali is. The scenery, the cultures, the native citizens there, the tourist both foreign and domestic and even the night life. For Indonesian culture, in this case, our eastern culture, Bali has not only positive influence but also negative influence. By seeing foreigns wearing bikini, freely drink at the club night. These acts of course effects the negative influence. However, Bali has such a beautiful scenery, culture and friendly native citizens. So, the positive side is, we can learn many things in Bali too. Like I said, it depends on people think.

5. I would like to visit South Korea, England, Thailand and Japan. Firstly, South Korea is my dream country. It is not only because I am a korean music addict but also i love the culture there. I love how goverment there build their country very well both in big city and village. I want to know more about their life style. It sounds so interesting to go there and feel like native citizens there.

Eka Putri Novianti
Tourism 3
Mrs. Endang Purwaningsih

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